Knot Just Hair is a premier, full-service salon conveniently situated in Business Bay, Dubai. Our comprehensive services encompass a diverse range. Our seasoned team excels in hair braiding, hair extensions, wig installation, treatments, styling, lash and nail extensions, manicures, pedicures, facials, and waxing. Committed to exceeding expectations, we prioritize delivering exceptional service to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

Knot Just Hair is a premier, full-service salon conveniently situated in Business Bay, Dubai. Our comprehensive services encompass a diverse range. Our seasoned team excels in hair braiding, hair extensions, wig installation, treatments, styling, lash and nail extensions, manicures, pedicures, facials, and waxing. Committed to exceeding expectations, we prioritize delivering exceptional service to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

About us

Knot Just Hair is a ladies salon located in Crystal Tower in Dubai. It is a premier ladies salon located in a stunning wellness resort in Dubai. This neighboring spa and women’s salon, situated in the heart of the city, is well-known for its tranquil setting, knowledgeable staff, and opulent treatments designed to relax and revitalize you. One of the greatest ladies salons in Dubai, Knot Just Hair provides a range of services including hair services, nail services, and eyelash treatments. Every treatment is painstakingly created using the finest materials and techniques to provide a unique and luxurious experience.
Knot Just Hair offers an array of hair services, from stylish haircuts and coloring to nourishing treatments and styling for special occasions. The goal of these services is to enhance your natural beauty, leaving your hair looking healthy, vibrant, and impeccably styled.
For those seeking nail services, Knot Just Hair provides manicures, pedicures, and nail enhancements. Using high-quality products, these treatments aim to leave your nails looking beautiful and well-groomed. Whether you prefer a classic look or something more creative, the skilled technicians at Knot Just Hair will ensure your nails are polished to perfection.
Eyelash treatments at Knot Just Hair include extensions, lifts, and tints. These services are designed to enhance the length, curl, fullness, and color of your natural lashes, giving you a stunning, eye-catching look. With meticulous attention to detail, the experienced staff will help you achieve the perfect lashes that complement your style.
Experience the luxurious services at Knot Just Hair, where every treatment is designed to soothe your body and mind, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and beautiful.

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Natural Well-Being and Beauty

Knot Just Hair invites you to experience a holistic approach to hair care and well-being that focuses on inner harmony and natural solutions. Without the use of harsh chemicals, our treatments are designed to bring out the best in your hair by enhancing its natural beauty with gentle, effective remedies. Our licensed stylists provide specialized care tailored to your individual needs, offering services such as revitalizing haircuts, nourishing treatments, and soothing scalp massages. We believe that natural remedies and mindfulness practices can help you achieve healthy, beautiful hair while promoting overall well-being. Enter our serene atmosphere, designed to be a getaway from the city, and let us pamper your hair from root to tip. At Knot Just Hair, our goal is to do more than just make your hair look its best; we aim to nurture your inner beauty and tranquility.

Experience Tranquility and Beauty at Knot Just Hair

Knot Just Hair is an advocate of the transformative potential of self-care and relaxation. Our goal is to establish a haven where you may retreat from the stresses of daily life and indulge in restorative treatments tailored to your individual needs. To ensure that every aspect of your experience is nothing short of extraordinary, our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to excellence. The instant you step in, you’ll be greeted by a welcoming atmosphere that aims to calm your mind and uplift your spirit. Whether you’re indulging in a stylish haircut, luxurious hair extensions, custom wigs, intricate braids, a deluxe manicure, or stunning eyelash extensions, our goal is to create a space where you can unwind, revitalize, and heal your mind, and spirit. Make an appointment now to experience Knot Just Hair’s transformative potential during a peaceful visit. Your hair cut to new style and change is waiting for you. Knot Just Hair believes that beauty is more than just hair cut. It’s about developing your inner and outer beauty, embracing peace, and finding balance. Come along on a journey towards better health and discover the delights of leisure at Knot Just Hair.

Find Out What's Different

At Knot Just Hair, we’re proud of our unwavering commitment to excellence in every service we provide. Our dedication to offering a truly refreshing experience based on natural ingredients, safety, and understanding is what makes us special. We carefully select every product and treatment to ensure the highest level of quality and performance because we are committed to using only natural components. We believe that your skin and hair can be renewed and nourished by nature, giving you an internal glow that is radiant.

At Knot Just Hair, we value your safety. To ensure that every treatment is safe and successful, our qualified therapists and stylists receive a great deal of training. We uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and hygienic practices, so you may unwind and relish the experience without any worries.

But what sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to your wellbeing. From the moment you enter through our doors, we extend a warm and cordial greeting to you. To ensure that you leave each session feeling at ease, purified, and revitalised, our therapists and stylists take the time to learn about your unique needs. You can rely on us to take great care of you and to provide excellent service. Now, discover the Knot Just Hair difference and a new benchmark for excellence in salon services.
Experience the Knot Just Hair difference and elevate your beauty with our exceptional services.

About the Luxuries Services at Knot Just Hair

At Knot Just Hair, step into a luxurious and tranquil environment where every visit is an exploration of beauty and rejuvenation. Our extensive treatment menu is customized to meet your individual needs, featuring a range of exceptional services from expert hair styling and care, to stunning nail treatments, and glamorous eyelash extensions. Our talented stylists and technicians are dedicated to providing you with an amazing salon experience, whether your goal is to transform your look with a fresh hairstyle, pamper yourself with a manicure and pedicure, or enhance your eyes with beautiful lashes. Indulge in a day of pampering and leave feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Of course! An extensive rundown of the services provided by Knot Just Hair is provided below:

Hair Styling

Our expert stylists are skilled in creating a variety of hairstyles that suit your individual style and preferences.

Hair Extensions

We offer high-quality hair extensions to add length, volume, and style to your natural hair.


Our selection of natural-looking wigs provides versatility and beauty for any occasion.


Our braiding specialists create intricate and stunning braids, tailored to your personal taste.


Enjoy a pampering manicure or pedicure with our top-notch nail services, ensuring your nails look fabulous.


Enhance your natural beauty with our professional eyelash extensions, giving you fuller, longer lashes.

The World of Knot Just Hair Dubai

The ability of Knot Just Hair in Dubai to tailor treatments to individual needs is one of their most distinctive features. At Knot Just Hair, you may obtain the style you want from professionals who are skilled stylists, whether you’re looking for a full makeover or just a basic trim. They take the time to get to know your preferences and way of life, which makes you feel attractive and confident.A posh settingThe goal of Knot Just Hair is to provide its clients with a pleasant and tranquil atmosphere. Often, the style is chic and refined, with opulent furniture and soothing colours. The calming atmosphere created by soft music and subdued lighting helps you unwind and unwind from the stresses of daily life.

Knowledge and Creativity

Highly trained professionals who are knowledgeable about the most recent procedures and trends in the beauty business work at Knot Just Hair Dubai. They use cutting-edge products and services to give you the best care possible. You may be sure you are in good hands whether you want a more modern or classic style.A Relaxation AreaKnot Just Hair offers more than just aesthetic services; they let you unwind and treat yourself. Numerous salons provide additional services like massages and facials, enabling you to indulge in a full day of self-care. Visit Knot Just Hair to feel renewed and revived, whether you’re getting ready for a major event or just treating yourself to some much-needed relaxation.

Experience Luxury at Knot Just Hair with Special Offers

We at Knot Just Hair believe that everyone merits occasional pampering. We’re thrilled to provide you with a range of exclusive deals and discounts so you can enjoy your spa experience without going over budget. We have something for everyone who wants to relax and recharge, whether they’re looking for a seasonal deal or an inexpensive package.

Experience LuxuryConcerning Knot Just Hair's Prices at Knot Just Hair with Special Offers

The ladies salon close to me is called Knot Just Hair, and its rates change based on the length and type of service. Nails service range in price from AED 250 to AED 169.The cost of hair cut ranges from AED 99 to 149 AED and hair extensions for only 850 AED.All things considered. All things considered, Knot Just Hair is the best females beauty salon close to me for offering a luxurious and comforting experience. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to get away from the bustle of Dubai and treat themselves to some much-needed pampering.

Our goal

at Knot Just Hair is to give you a fantastic spa experience that will revitalise your body, mind, and spirit. What sets us apart is our dedication to quality, focus on natural goods, and care for your wellbeing. Whatever your needs—relaxation, renewal, or a quiet moment—Knot Just Hair will deliver an incredible experience that will give you a boost of energy and freshness. Now is the time to experience the Knot Just Hair difference and embark on a path of beauty and wellness. We invite you to discover a new standard of spa care excellence and the Knot Just Hair distinction. Make an appointment right now to get started on Knot Just Hair’s path to wellness and beauty.


Numerous services, including massages, facials, body treatments, nail care, hair removal, holistic therapies, and spa packages, are offered by Knot Just Hair.

Yes, safety and natural ingredients are top priorities at Knot Just Hair. We take great care in selecting products that are safe for the skin and don’t include any toxic components.

Our friendly team will welcome you to your first consultation and ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire about your beauty and haircare issues. 

Please give us at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or reschedule. There could be a cancellation fee if insufficient notice is given.

Donatella Mar
Donatella Mar
knot just hair was my salvation! I arrived at this salon with pitiful nails, ruined by other salons, the lack of professionalism and poor products meant that my nails broke! Here I found some girls who are super kind and professional, the girl who served me was very precise, I have never had such beautiful nails! she was also very patient! the atmosphere is relaxing, while you get your nails done, you can enjoy the view of Dubai, relax with a nice selection of music and a good coffee! I attach a before and after of my nails!!! 5 stars are too few! thank you very much and see you soon!
Abeer Al-Nawah
Abeer Al-Nawah
Great Salon, Nice mani and padi, I also love my protein treatment and henna. They have very nice products. Managment and employees all are kind and helpful, prices are also affordable♥️
Romi Jain
Romi Jain
Great salon services im a regular now specially thr hair treatments colour s are vry vry good staff is lovely vry curtieous thr manager Anto is the best she is good in all highly recomond ths salon .
Bandini Kumari
Bandini Kumari
Good service. Excellent customer service by the staff. Do visit.
I hv got hair protien treatment bcoz my hairs was damaged dull dry lifeless nd wavy too and this treatment brings the life back to my hairs bcom soooo smooth dead staright shiny nd repaired 🤩 m so happy to choose this salon for my hairs nd definitely will visit again. There staff is well trained nd deducted.
shaik yasmin
shaik yasmin
Too good experience … very professional in hair styling and also I took pedicure manicure service which was very Gud … thank you team
madonna ashraf
madonna ashraf
Really best experience i do love my nails 😊 You all are super friendly Laxmi is perfect 👌 she is so professional and taking care of every small detail amazing service and would surely come back again ☺️ and thank you for your welcome ❤️

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Afro braids
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Hair Extensions
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Wig install
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Hair straightening
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Hair color
From 149 AED

Hair styling
From 99 AED

Manicure & Pedicure
From 350 AED

Polish & strengthening
From 25 AED

Nail Extensions
From 99 AED

Extensions & Lifting
From 75 AED

Tinting & Lamination
From 75 AED

Lips and Eyebrows
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Everyday, Party & Bridal
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Festive & Bridal
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